IDR 110.000/Day



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Embark on a contemporary Bali journey with the Scoopy – a sleek and modern two-wheeler designed for the ultimate exploration experience. Cruise effortlessly through Bali’s diverse terrains, as the Scoopy’s innovative design combines style with functionality. Lightweight and fuel-efficient, this new bike offers a hassle-free ride, promising an unforgettable adventure across the island. Rent the Scoopy 2022 for a fresh, stylish, and immersive way to discover Bali’s hidden gems, and let the road unfold before you with each effortless glide.

What you get

Phone Holder

Copy of STNK


Get a free Gorilla Bike T-shirt with every 30 day booking.

NOTES: All essential tools are automatically included with our rental service. In the event of significant damage or loss of tools, a penalty fee will be assessed. It’s important to note that the Medical Kit is subject to a charge only when utilized during the rental period.

Please read the full document of our terms & condition for more detail information here.


NOTE: Late fee amount : IDR

Day based pricing : Scoopy
IDR 110.000 / days
Hourly based pricing

IDR 10.000 / per hour

Discount Rates
7 - 29 days : 7 %
30 - 999 days : 15 %
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